The launch of Progress M-9

The during the project AUSTROMIR used Austrian equipement for the scientific experiments on board of the space station were fixed in the cargo cabin of the Soviet cargo transporter Progress M-9, and on 21 August 1991 at 00:54 CET (03:54 local time) succesfully launched from Baikonur (Kazahstan) with help of a launch vehicle from the type Soyuz.

The cargo transporter Progress M-9 with the Austrian scientific payload on board docked two days later, on 23 August 1991 at 02:47 CET on the space station MIR. The equipment was partly brought out of the cargo transporter at the same day by the both cosmonauts Anatoli Arzebarskij and Sergej Krikaljov to the space station and for the first time strated to run in space succesful (equippment LOGION and MIGMAS-A).

Cargo transporter Progress M-9 with the AUSTROMIR-91 payload

Cargo transporter Progress M-9 with the AUSTROMIR-91 payload. Chart: BMBWK, Vienna

1. MONOMIR container
2. MOTOMIR ergometer
3. OPTOVERT container
7. in a cargo container:
    MONIMIR fabric cover 1 & 2
    AUDIMIR container
    DATAMIR container
    DATAMIR hard disk modules
    DATAMIR spare parts
Payload configuration of the cargo transporter Progress M-9
In the cargo cabin
⇒ Scientific equipment
⇒ Equipment for the retrofitting of the board systems
⇒ Equipment to control the gas composition
⇒ Eatables
⇒ Sanitary hygienic resource
⇒ Clothes, resources for the personal hygiene
⇒ Medical equipment
⇒ Equipment for the water supply system
⇒ Photo- and film equipment
⇒ Tool, additional equipment
⇒ Board documentation, Post
⇒ Return flight capsule
296.5 kg
159.5 kg
129.5 kg
296.5 kg
28.0 kg
81.5 kg
25.5 kg
166.0 kg
34.0 kg
1.0 kg
27.0 kg
370.0 kg
Total payload in the cargo cabin
1615.0 kg
In the refuel cabin
⇒ Propellant
⇒ Oxidant
⇒ Oxygen
⇒ Air
⇒ Water in the system “RODNIK”
182.0 kg
337.0 kg
— kg
41.0 kg
295.0 kg
Total payload in the refuel cabin
855.0 kg
Propellant for the space station
260.0 kg
Total payload
2730.0 kg