The space transporter Soyuz TM

The space transporter Soyuz TM is an updated space vehicle of the Soyuz T serial for the transportation of the crews to the Soviet space station MIR.

The construction of the space ship Soyuz TM based in the main part on the Soviet experiences in the development and utilization of space vehicles. Like the Soyuz T the space ship is parted in a re-entry capsule, an orbital part (a live module) and a control room for the instruments.

Chart of the space transporter Soyuz TM. Chart: BMBWK, Vienna

The space vehicle Soyuz TM was advanced in multiple aspects to his predecessor-version. For example there was a new rapprochement- and docking system named “Kurs” built in. The before used “Igla”-system required the constant alignement of the space vehicle and the space station to each other for docking, which caused an appreciation of the fuel consumptions. The space vehicle Soyuz TM equipped with the “Kurs”-system doesn`t have to modify the angel adjustment of the space station for docking anymore, so that only the space vehicle consumed fuel for the docking procedure. And the “Kurs”-system could be used in a greater distance than the “Igla”-System. During the construction of Soyuz TM also further systems were modified. For example a newer and more reliable engine unit was installed. Both the docking system and the with lighter and constanter materials equipped parachute system were perfected. Also the escape system of the Soyuz TM was provided with a lighter engine unit.

The space transporter Soyuz TM is concepted for a crew with maximum three cosmonauts. Due to the lighter accomplishment of its whole construction and the used systems the space vehicle was able to transport a more of about 200 kg payload into the orbit than Soyuz T. The to earth restorable payload ascended for 100 kg. The from the crew used spaces on the Soyuz TM had a capacity of total 10 m3.

The space transporter Soyuz TM was brought into earth orbit with the launch vehicle Soyuz.